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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Who's Cooking Easter Dinner?

Had a wonderfully busy day.  This am, bff Nettie came over to finish sewing her quilt (7am)

After she left we heard from our friends Bill and Kelli, meet for Lunch?  Sure.  Quick pick up house run vac, wash dining room and kitchen floor, take shower, put on make up, whew made it just in time for them to arrive.

Lunch at Two Brothers, Edgerton.  Kellie brought another Tshirt quilt for me to do, so I suggested after lunch to load it on machine and get it going.  This way I can have finished before they return to Ft Wayne IN tomorrow afternoon.  Heck I got all afternoon to do it right.  Going to supper at Toby and Sarah's so I don't have to cook anything, I got plenty of time.

4pm, hmmm, I seem to be forgetting something.  What could it be?   Holy heck, I forgot to go to grocery store and buy what I need to prepare Easter dinner.  Stop the presses, or in my case the quilting machine, grab your purse and rush to store, where about 50 other people are doing the exact same thing.

So never fear kids, mom will have dinner ready for you tomorrow as planned.

Now all's I have to do is get up early and finish the quilt for Kelli, make potato salad, bake pies, put ham in oven, make my home made baked beans, and oh yeah, re vac house before company arrives.


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