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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Butterfly Wall Hanging

Completed a small wall hanging made from the pattern I designed at the workshop last Sunday at Loose Threads.

 I didn't feel like making, yet another, quilt or large wall hanging, so I just used 4 fat quarters, which results in a 4 block small wall hanging.  A person can only use just so many wall hangings, small quilts.  I think this is going to Kylee for her room, once I have done all the show and tells.  Will probably keep it and show at the Rock Valley Quilt Guild show May 14th - 15th.  I will be doing a booth promoting my quilting business and my patterns. Also entered "Stepping Stones" in the show.  Maybe will enter in the Edgerton Quilt Show October 22 for the small quilt category.

This is my 3rd original design using the Buggy Barn technique and still enjoy the process from thinking it up, putting it down on paper, drawing the pattern, finding just the right fabric and then finally cutting and sewing the pieces together. 

Brief description on how to make your own pattern , I challenge you to  GIVE IT A TRY:
Think of a design, be creative and think outside the "box"
Draw a rough draft on any size paper, I sit in front of the TV, recliner feet up and start doodling.
Draw the pattern onto parchment paper using a sharp pencil and a good eraser and ruler. Make your design into sections of squares, rectangles, triangles to form a block.  Think of how your pieces will be sewn together to form that section and block, lines should be drawn to meet the next section and outside edges of block. Once you are happy with the pattern, number the cutting lines and using alphabet, mark the pieces A, B, C etc.  Now if you are familiar with the Buggy Barn technique, you are ready to make your own quilt.

Here is the picture I have shown of my pattern I drew at the workshop

Now go ahead and try this. Have fun with it.


Annie said...

I have taken your challenge and doing this right now. I am up for a challenge.

Quilting By Jeannie said...

Annie, good luck and please email me a picture. Look forward to seeing it.

Annie said...

I am trying the paper pieced way first

Quilting By Jeannie said...

Let me know how this goes and again send pics