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Friday, April 22, 2011

Another baby scrappy

Oh the weather is nothing to brag about here in Wisconsin, cold, rainy, windy, good day to stay inside and quilt.  Will we ever get our spring?????????

You would think we would be looking forward to warmer days, and planning our spring planting.

Right now I'm wondering if I should get out the winter coats again. NOT.   Its almost depressing, and if I didn't have so much sewing to do I would probably think about crawling back into bed and staying there until spring does arrive.

Finished this small baby quilt for one of my customers.  Bright batiks


Simple blocks, she used scraps again, but the colors are so bright.  Quilted with my favorite Peacock stitching.

I also finished another bag, from my scraps drawer.

I'm really liking these scrappy bags.  With my scraps I could probably make about 10 or more of these bags, and only have the cost of the fusible, buttons and maybe the lining.

Right now I have to make a choice, quilts or bags.  Hmmm, with a day like today, I better stick to the quilting.  Have a few customers quilts to finish and of course my pastel LS quilt.  Time is running out, the RVQG quilt show is coming up and must finish some quilts for my booth.

Oh and lets not forget a little dinner called EASTER, need to clean house, shop for and prepare dinner etc, you all know where I'm going with this.

Today, bff Nettie came over to sew. We manged to get in a couple of hours, but time was shortened.  Whenever she comes, Wayne likes the company and spends a good deal of the first hour just chatting.

Jane from the Edgerton Quilt Committee, dropped off the raffle quilt for me to finish.  So pretty, looking forward to quilting the quilt for this years show.    Now to decide how do I want to quilt this one.

This is my 3rd year and I feel very honored they chose me to do the quilting for their raffle quilts.

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