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Friday, April 1, 2011

Who Likes Horses

This has been one of my busiest days ever. 

Nettie and Dee Dee came over this morning and I cut fabric for purse making class we are attending tomorrow.  Dee Dee took hers home to cut, we were talking so much, had a hard time concentrating on the cutting and I was so afraid I was going to screw it up and make the wrong cuts.  That wouldn't be good as it cost lots of moola to buy the fabric for this class. One mistake and I would be the one buy the extra material.

They left around noon, and I proceeded to quilt a beautiful horse panel quilt.  This quilt is going to the Midwest Horse Fair with a friend of ours.  He sells horse trailers, and suggested I make a horse quilt. He is going to display while vending his trailers, in hopes someone would want to buy this, and he is going to promote my quilting business.  What a good friend.

I had a heck of time finding this fabric.  Finally went to one of my favorite online stores  I have found if cant find it in local quilt shops, they will most often have what I am looking for.  Purchased the panels and the coordinating sashing through them.  Purchased the borders at Loose Threads.

Now I am not a horse person. Its not that I don't like horses, but I would not purposely make a quilt just to have a horse quilt.  However, this turned out so beautifully that if I was a horse person I would be very happy to have this quilt in my home.

Spent the remainder of the day and part of evening hand sewing the binding. Now that this is finished, I can take it off my check list of things to completed within the next week.  Much to do.

Love it.

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