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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not So Ho Hum

Today was going to be just a so so ho hum day.  As I don't have any quilts in the works, just did the usual daily home stuff.

Finally got so bored, went to sewing room just to sort materials and came up with an idea to do the baby quilt I was going to do later this year.  We are have a new grand daughter arriving around October 3rd.  So while sorting, found the prettiest pinks and white chenille I had left over from other quilts. Sometimes I tend to over buy materials, however, it always works out because, eventually I use a material in either a scrappy quilt or in this case a baby quilt. Well I wound up making the entire quilt this afternoon. It turned out so darn cute and pretty, just perfect for a baby girl.

I will have to go shopping tomorrow (oh darn) to the fabric store to get the backing.  Will be able to put on my quilt machine by tomorrow afternoon. There are several designs running through my head for this cute little quilt, but don't know which one I will use until I have it on the machine.  Just like always, never know for sure what I'm going to quilt until I see it all stretched out and waiting to put thread to material.

Now I have a reason to get out of bed tomorrow.  Just kidding, but knowing I have a quilt to work on really gets me moving in the mornings.

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