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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Vacation Over

Returned from our mini vacation, long weekend.  We had a relaxing and good time.  Unfortunately rained all day Friday, but we made the best of it anyway.  Went for breakfast at a little cafe in White Lake, really good food. Then off to the Casino to play with the Indians, didn't lose our shirts, won $38.00.  Wayne and I are not big spenders at Casinos, have a set amount of money to lose, and when its gone we leave, or if we win anything over $100.00 we quit right away and leave.  I think the most time we spend in one of these places is 30 minutes.  Just like to go, check them out play a little and leave.  Not one to spend an entire day gambling, to me that's just boring, and costly.

We stayed at an awesome cabin, this is the second year we have rented this cabin, and we love staying there.   Cabin sits way off road, cant even see it from the road and is surrounded by woods.  Wherever you look, all you will see is woods.   There is a deer feeding stand in the woods, but they are not being fed right now.  Many of the trees have these tree faces on them around the cabin. Fun to find a tree with face.   Right next to a window in the cabin is a Raccoon feeder, so we put buns out for them.  They always come to feeder near dusk, so its hard to get a photo of them, but I took a few and they turned out better than last year.  These were taken Saturday night.

Saturday, Wayne went fishing with my brother Bill, and I stayed and played with Donna in her studio.  She is a fiber artist and we had great fun doing many different things.  Here she is in her studio, coming up with yet another great idea.  She teaches classes at different places throughout the year, and she is working on a new idea for her classes. It really was great working with her and seeing her come up with these new ideas.  I wont show you anymore of what she is doing as she is still working on this idea to get it ready for a class. She may put some of this on her blog. (Two Red Threads)

As long as I'm posting photos, took a shot of the beautiful flowers she and Bill gave me.  They are from their own flower gardens. 

Donna also showed me how to make a beautiful bracelet. I will post this when its finished, had to bring it home to finish the beading we ran out of time.  Started playing in her studio around 9 am and finally made ourselves stop around 5 pm.  We were having so much fun, forgot the time.

I look forward to going back again, hopefully before the end of this summer or early fall.  If not it will be next year again.

I did manage to finish the binding on my wall hanging and I started the binding on the 4 patch quilt

Oh forgot to mention Wayne and Bill DID  catch some fish this time.

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Donna Kallner... said...

Fish for supper tonight -- yum!