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Friday, October 26, 2012

Adding A Little Spice

Quilted another Tshirt quilt today for Teri.

Instead of the usual meandering all over I looked at the quilt and decided it needed a bit more attention.

She did such a wonderful job on the Dresden Plate I wanted to make it special.

Kinda fancy for Tshirt but so glad I did it this way.

Today I start the countdown for real.  I will be leaving for Houston next Wednesday Oct 31st and you can not believe how excited I am getting.

Every day before I leave I have things to do, which will help to pass the time and keep me from jumping out of my skin with excitement.

Today it was quilting.  Tomorrow, I must go do more shopping for TX and for here.  Don't want to leave Wayne without his favorite foods.  He told me he only needs hamburger, eggs, hot dogs, and tomato soup.

Oh well if that is all he wants that is what he shall have.

Sunday is Packer day of course, Monday I have a dentist appointment, and Tuesday I clean houses.

Tuesday afternoon packing!  Oh my when I put it down on black and white its even closer than I think.

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