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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hearts Are A No Go

Ky came after school yesterday and wanted to work on the "hearts" quilt she started the other day.

However, when you sew the top row to the bottom row of the block, you lose the straight edge strip because of the seam allowance.

I remembered after seeing her first block, I had tried this heart before and for the same reason it doesn't work.

So she is going back to square one "Gems" for the quilt.  She was disappointed, because she thought she had come up with a new pattern, but still happy the way the Gems pattern is looking.

I managed to finish all of Sarah's pillows.

Look simple don't they.  Machine sewing was the Easy part.  The hard part came when I had to hand sew the openings.

It actually took longer to hand sew than to make and stuff the pillows.  Well they are done and she said she loves them.  Good!!!

Each time I make pillows for other people, I keep telling myself I should get fabric and make my own.  Always seem to forget to look for fabric when I'm at the store.  Always so busy looking at quilt fabrics I forget about upholstery fabrics.

Today is sew day with the girls and I'm taking only hand sewing with me.  Making travel bags and I need to sew the velcro on the the opening flaps.  There are days I want to sew with my friends, but just dont feel like hauling the sewing machine, cutting board, etc etc etc, - much easier to do hand sewing and I have plenty of that to do.

These are great little travel bags, for make up or for us sewers needles, thread, scissors etc

Taking them with me to Edgerton show and will put a small price tag on and try selling them.

Oops I gotta go time to leave and pick up Annette for sew day

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Linda said...

I am trying to locate either your Etsy page or your Craftsy page for your patterns. When I click on the Craftsy logo on your blog it takes me to my own Craftsy page, Your quilts are really lovely.