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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How To Clean Out Scraps

2 days ago I had good intention of straightening out a box and bags of scraps and stash that have been given to me by good quilting friends.

I wound up doing just the opposite - I destroyed my sewing room and started a scrappy quilt.

So far I have 16 blocks made 12 are sewn together into a quilt and 4 more to be added, thinking that might be big enough

I managed to clean out one entire shopping  bag of scraps - tossing the tiny pieces that will probably never get used in  anything.

Now I have to get back in there and clean up the mess I made only to do it another day.

This Saturday (don't forget) is the Edgerton Quilt Show at the Middle School and I will be doing more of the same. Demo how to make these scrappy blocks.

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