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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another Summer Breeze

The quilt show in Edgerton is coming fast Oct 20th.

When I set up my booth I will be missing one of my demo quilts Summer Breeze as I listed it on Etsy and it sold within 2 weeks.  Really didn't think it would go that fast but it did.

So now I need another one for demo - I have been playing with scrap fabrics I have here and came up with this color combination

I will be working much less fabric than the first quilt, but it will still be a nice size lap quilt I think.

In addition to getting this quilt done, I'm still having to quilt one for Ky (she will finish it today I hope) this will be entered in the show and needs to be done and delivered this weekend.  Pressure???

Managed to get 10 of my table toppers, candle mats finished and I'm good there.

Sleeves are being pinned on 6 quilts 3 for me and 3 for KY.

In addition I still have to consider my trip at the end of this month to Houston.  Some minor shopping needed to be completed and the decision what clothes to pack for warm and cool days and nights.

Yesterday I went to Dr. to get an epidural in my back hoping to relive some of the back pain I experience everyday.   A few days ago I did get a shot in my hip which helped tremendously.

The epi didn't do that much I was kinda of disappointed int he results.  And to top it off - on the way home, my mind was elsewhere and I got a speeding ticket.  Had no idea I was going as fast as I was.

Darn it how stupid.  This is the 2nd ticket I have gotten since I started driving at age 16.  The first was over 34 years ago and now I get one.  How very very stupid.  It wasn't like I was in a hurry just not paying attention to the speed.

Ticket has to be paid by Nov14th (day before my Birthday, Happy Birthday to me) so at least I can pay for that after I return from TX.  I don't need any additional expenses before I head out.  Trying my very best to come up with enough money to enjoy my trip.

Kylee is coming this afternoon to finish her quilt top - will be picking her up from school.  She only has 3 borders to put on and she is finished.

Like I said Pressure???

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