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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bringing Another Into The Fold

It was my pleasure yesterday to introduce a very young 8 year old to the world of sewing and quilting.

A very good friend of mine - Traci Childress from Kenosha came to visit and she brought her daughter Kailyn (KK) with her.  Mom has just started as new quilter recently as is enjoying it.

I asked her if KK had shown any interest yet, because this is a good age to get her started if she was.

KK was very interested, she watched me while I did some LA quilting. She asked if I liked doing that. "Of course I do, I love it"

So after talking with her and mommy, we headed off to the quilt shop to see what we could find for her to start with.

With my suggestion, we chose a jelly roll for to do the strip jelly roll quilt.

No cutting involved, just sewing.

I really enjoy teaching young people how to sew and we had a great time.  She is a natural. She was focused and listened to my instructions and her moms.

She stuck with it, good for her.  She wanted to continue, but mom and I new she was getting tired, as she started to make seam allowance errors.  KK there is plenty of time to do your sewing, never sew when you are tired. Always be fresh and alert. You will have greater success and enjoy it more.

While she sewed, Traci cut fabric for a quilt she is working on, and when I wasn't right by Kailyn's side I quilted some of Kylee's quilt.

This morning I am finishing Ky's quilt and will be taking this and the others to the quilt drop off today Ky has 3 to enter and so do I.

In addition I still have to get going on what I'm putting in my booth this year.  Time is flying by again.

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