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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another Year Has Come And Gone

Edgerton Quilt Show - whew finally over and it was to my thinking a success!!!!

It always amazes me when I go to a show how many different quilts are shown. Never do you see duplicates, and each of the quilters has not seen what others will be bringing and showing. So again how can that be each so different and beautiful.

There were more but I don't think you want to see all 52 photos. Just let me say they were are beautiful and each quilter deserves a ribbon.

Ky, unfortunately did not win this year.  There were other little girls entered. Although, (grandmas opinion) Ky put much more work into hers than the winner.

Ky is checking out the competition (winner) she was a little 8 year old and she sewed sashing around some pretty vegetable fabrics.

Now this has made Ky even more determined to work on an even better quilt for next year.  LOL she is so competitive.  What disappointed her was the simplicity of the winner quilt.  She felt if there had more work involved she would not have been so disappointed.   I had to have a long talk with her about competition and how a viewers choice judging works.  Lesson in life I guess.  We have to remember Ky, although looks older, is still only 11 and thinks like an 11 year old.

She did, however, win a raffle basket, which eased some of her pain.

My booth was pretty busy all day and I did sell some of my table toppers (thanks Alicia) and quite a few of my patterns.  Handed out all of my cards. Lets hope I drummed up some business.

Whoop whoop - sold 2 of my quilts. Thanks to you know who you are.

Also sold one of 5 quilt ladders that a friend of mine makes. They are beautiful, I have one and love it.

If anyone is interested in these ladders, contact me and I will give you the information on how to contact Darran Sellers.

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