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Friday, October 5, 2012


15 days before Edgerton Quilt Show, so I'm kicking it into gear.

I am hand sewing the binding on OZ.  Almost finished with the binding.  This will be one of my entries in the show.

Annette V. made me a label for my quilt.  As you know I keep forgetting the Label part of quilts.

So thanks Annette:

Finished a few table toppers - candle mats that will be at my booth for sale.

There are more to be made, and I will get them finished before the show (fingers crossed)

26 More days before I fly to Houston to the International Quilt Festival and meet up with many of my CT friends.  I'm getting so excited about this.

2 Doc appointments - one determined I do have pretty bad arthritis in my right hip and maybe looking at hip replacement in future. Not until I get back from TX.

The second appt. I had a steroid shot in my hip joint, hoping this will keep me going until we make a decision about surgery.

Next week I go to see the ortho doc and see if he will prescribe for me ortho shoes.  I wonder if they are any more stylish then the ones Ive seen in the past.  No matter, with or without style, I will be wearing them for pain relief, I will do almost anything necessary.

I'm way to young and too busy to be bothered by pain and I'm not concerned about the fashion police.  I don't think the stars of "What Not To Wear" are going to be showing up at my door any time too soon.

Besides I need the best footwear I can find before going to one, of if not, The, biggest quilt show in the US.

In addition to all of this going on I'm still getting things started for Christmas presents.  Many to make and much to do.

I will do my very best to pace myself and not upset the hip too much, but I cant spend too much time pampering me.

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Linda said...

LOL at fashion police. :) Wish I lived close enough to go to the quilt show and see your booth.