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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Baby Brother Quilt

Put as much into one day as I could and still found the time to do the quilting for Ky's baby brother quilt.

Now she has to bind it and its finished.

Wayne and I cleaned house this morning.  Yes, Wayne helped.  Don't panic its only because I cut his hair this morning and the deal is he has to vacuum after I do this. So instead of just vacuuming the hair, he actually did the kitchen, living room, hallway, bathroom, I finished with my room, laundry room and bedroom.

He doesn't do my sewing room and I prefer it that way. Too much to move around for him to mess with.

Cut all the fabric for Sarah's pillow covers, went to town to visit Nettie, and picked up fabric to cut for her.

Trimmed and cut back dead flowers in yard.

Cleaned sliced and prepared scalloped potatoes with kohlrabi.  Then, went to sewing room and did the quilting.

I think I'm done for the day.

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