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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Good and The Bad

The good part of the day:

Teaching another class in Clinton at Twin Turtle Quilt Shop - Allen St Clinton WI

Six Flags pattern

The quilt in the background is the Six Flags pattern we were working with today
I think the girls enjoyed themselves again, I know I did.

Sorry I forgot to do a group picture with their finished blocks.

Six Flags is one of those patterns that is very easy in the cutting and assembly, but size of block can change quickly simply by not sewing an accurate seam allowance and the quality of the fabric.  Even though the block might not be "Perfect" when the quilt top is finished with the sashing and borders nobody but you knows there might have been a fraction of the square that isn't exact.  If you are a quilter at all you will know what I mean.  Even the most precise quilter will find the edge might not be perfect on one block and yet the next will be.  Again its all in the fabric, seam allowance, cutting on the bias and the pressing of the block that makes a good or bad block.

After spending all day teaching, I'm usually tired, but that doesn't mean my day is over. OH no. Its go home and feed the Man.

Today I came home to a special treat.  Made supper and I'm informed Belle rolled in something in the yard. But the Man said he wiped her down.  Yeah Right. Like that's going to take care of it. Phew!!!!!!!!!!!

So after supper I had to give Belle a bath and clean the tub.

Poor Man was busy all day long changing the channels on TV.  Must be a tough job.

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