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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Perfectly Lovely Shower

Everything worked out so well yesterday for the baby shower and family and friend gathering.

Kylee came early to decorate the pergola and to get her games ready (which by the way worked out great)

Her hair was adorable, it was put up in a bow!  Grandpa said she was going to have birds nesting in her hair, but instead she had bees trying to go in the bow.  I think they thought it was a bee hive.

We had a wonderful turnout of family and friends and I thank each and everyone for coming.

It was so enjoyable.  We had a wonderful delicious meal (Toby cooked the meat and it was awesome)
Many dishes to pass.  After stuffing ourselves silly. We let Sarah open her presents.

And then CAKE

Many many presents and all as cute as could be.  These little moccasins were a hit and everybody commented on how adorable they were.  Thanks Bill and Donna love them and you.

I didn't take pictures of all the presents but now I wish I had.

The cake was beautiful and delicious.  Thanks to Stacy getting that for the party

Aunt Stacy showed her how to put frosting lipstick on and then the frosting painting began with the kids

Did somebody say cute!!!

We finished the evening by sitting around the campfire.  However, many people left and the grand kids had to leave. So we didn't get the s'mores made. Poor Ky she got it all out but nobody around to enjoy.

Like we needed more sugar by that time.

It was a perfect day and wore me out and wore me out slept until 7:30 this morning.  I never sleep that late.

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