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Friday, September 7, 2012

A Little Bit Of Everything

That's how my day went today.

Did some personal sewing for a few hours this morning.  Sewed the machine portion of the binding on the Buggy Barn Basket quilt.  I didn't like the binding that was on it so removed and added a new. Now it has to be hand bound.  Worked on a bag - using fall colors.  Need more fusible fleece to sew the lining, but the outside of the bag is finished.

Took Wayne to Hospital to have his baby toe operated on.  Only took a short time, while he was there I went to grocery store, just got home and hospital called to have me come and get him.

Really!!!! I thought at least a few hours.

Brought him home and loaded a baby quilt for customer.

The cutest baby quilt!!! - I want the pattern

This is adorable.  Finished quilting it, but before I could take off the machine had to run and pick Ky up from school for her dad.

After arriving home, her dad was here waiting for her and we made plans for her to come this weekend.  We have much to do.  She has sewing to catch up on.  Some time will be working on her quilt and some of the time will be spent sewing for the baby shower/party next weekend.

I took quilt off the machine, trimmed off the batting and backing.

Supper time - Wayne needs to be fed every few hours just like a baby and he was wondering when he was going to get fed.

Made the first batch of chili for the year.  Been so hungry for it, but it has been too warm.  Happy today was cool enough to make it.   Delicious but tomorrow you know its going to be even better.

Now I cant decide if I should start to clean house or sit and hand sew binding.

House needs it, customer coming tomorrow morning around 10 with a quilt.  It would be nice if the house looked decent.

Hmm, I'll see how I feel in a little bit.

Might just get up early and do it then.

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