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Friday, September 21, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Bear Oh MY

Well no Lions or Tigers but there are Bears.

Here is the challenge.  My friend Liz made one and I just had to make one too.  So she gave me the pattern pieces but NO instructions.

Are you kidding!!!!!!

I sewed strips of fabrics together until I thought I had enough to cut the necessary pieces.

After cutting them all I called Liz and asked her for instructions, and she tells me there aren't any.

So she came over briefly and brought one of her bears for me to look at while I tried to assemble mine. Only to find out I didn't cut reverse pieces - I had all one sided pieces.  So its back to sewing more strips together to cut the other side of the bear.

I had the body and the legs and one arm sewn on the other day and proceeded to Finish this morning.

That is AFTER I realized the legs were not sewn on correctly, and the ears needed to be removed and put in a different place. Well after all of the sewing and unsewing and a few choice words thrown in for good measure - I finally got it sewn and stuffed.

Mine is the striped one with lavender bow, the other is Liz's bear.  Its a good thing she left this one for me to keep referring to or I would still be in the sewing room trying to figure out which piece goes where.

Now I have to quick make another one so I don't forget how its done.  I will have to write up these instructions for future reference.

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