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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Its Still A Challenge

Made my second bear this morning.  I thought oh boy I should know what I'm doing with this one.

Yeah Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picked though scraps to find the fabrics I wanted for the second one.

I had to try and find scraps that would look good with the "miscut" pieces from the first bear.  Why waste those pieces.  After rummaging and tossing and cutting strips I was ready to begin.

Got all the pieces cut and ready to sew together.  There I sit at my sewing machine and I'm still not sure how I did it yesterday.

In the long run I finally got it all figured out (again).  Good thing those pieces have notches to line up or who know where the legs and arms not to mention the head would wind up.

I did make notes on the paper pieces so maybe, just maybe the next one will be easier.

Yes I'm making more.  The PLAN each one of my grand kids will be getting one of these for Christmas.  I don't care boy or girl, old or young they are all getting one.  I hope they like them, knowing they are from grandma and made with lots of love and many bad words while making them.

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