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Sunday, June 17, 2012

How Are You Celebrating Fathers Day?

For us our daughter Stacy and her husband Bert took us out for breakfast.  That's the big highlight of the day.

Wayne is going to be doing a "nothing:" day today. In fact he has already taken a nap and has just gone back to take another.  Some days are like that for him.  Not much on TV today, so I'm going to watch the new Dallas I recorded the other night.

Before heading out this morning I managed to make a few more place mats and a new table topper.  I was getting bored with the one I was using.

Remember this block?
Well I decided to do this with it

A new table topper for summer.  Hydrangea look so pretty in the center

Did manage to spray some roundup on those sneaky little weeds that want to keep popping up where I have already cleaned and mulched.  Of course I did expect that, and of course I do expect to see even more, but now at least they are manageable in comparison to digging and pulling yards and yards of weeds.

Its pretty hot out there today, Belle and I did what had to be done and now its time to stay in and cool off.

Fathers Day today, so I'm going to make Wayne homemade potato salad, sweet corn, and deep fried chicken nuggets for supper tonight.  Dessert =  vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries.

Maybe do a little sewing, maybe not.

Today is a good relaxing stay at home do nothing day at least for the rest of the day.

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