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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Another Beautiful Day In Whoville

Whoville is a pet name for Newville for some people.

Worked on Buggy Barn blocks for a while this morning and also made more place mats.

Rained this morning so couldn't get out in the yard for a while.  My sweet sweet hubby vacuumed for me while I sewed.

Once the rain stopped, mowed the lawn.  Wayne and I take turns I do as much as I can and Wayne picks up the hard parts.  The ditches and some close trim around woods and outer perimeter.

Even with the rain we had I still watered the flower beds. It wasn't enough rain to satisfy me.

Then I took the time to "smell the roses" and walked around and enjoyed the flowers that I work so hard to keep weed free.

This is the flower bed I finished the other day

I wish I had a garden angel/statue for this area. It would look so nice here.

No chance on my getting one though, all my extra money is being saved for my trip to Houston.

We have priorities and Houston is a priority for now.

MAJOR CORRECTION FROM YESTERDAY POST.  The quilting aunt of Diane's is 93 not 96. I am so sorry for adding 3 years to this lady.    Diane has another aunt lives here in WI and she is 96, she is a flower lady.  I think Diane's entire family are flower children and now they have me hooked into their cult.

I am willing to admit, I am enjoying the flowers so very much.  Never have I had the opportunity to have fresh cut flowers almost anytime I want them.  Mostly I like to see them growing in the yard, but when there is an abundance I like to cut some and bring them inside.

Tomorrow is maintain day.  I have more beds to clean, but now its time to go back around the ones that are done and either pick weeds or spray some with roundup.  I also need more mulch in some areas.  Looks like its going to be early outside for me.  Once the heat hits in the 80's 90's I will be coming inside and work in my sewing room.

Oh just remembered breakfast with Stacy and Bert tomorrow morning for Fathers Day.

Guess yard work will be on hold until we get back and then determine the heat index.

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