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Saturday, June 23, 2012

All Better

Many years ago I used to make porcelain dolls. (might have mentioned this before)

One of my favorites needed repair.  Her eyes actually came lose from her head and had to be glued back into place.

Its been a while since making this doll and I wasnt quite sure how much trouble it would be to repair.

After taking off all of her clothes (thinking I had to remove the head from the body) I realized I just needed to remove her hair and hair cap and her head was open in the back.  Does this sound gross. I hope not, remember its just a doll.

I do have to laugh, because looking at her this way it is somewhat creepy.

I used to really enjoy, and probably still would, making these dolls. The best part was painting the faces.

Much more involved than it looks.  Each eyebrow was painted on a single stroke at a time and looks like tiny hairs, just like real eyebrows.  The same for the lashes, each lash is a single lash and has to be spaced beside the next. Not too close and not too far apart.  It would take hours and hours just to paint a section of her pretty face.

It was always a real sense of accomplishment and pride when I finished one of the dolls.  Not everyone can appreciate the beauty in these dolls.  There are a few that do.

Its like making quilts.  The time and creativity that goes into making one can only be appreciated by another quilter.

I did get her fixed and put back together.

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