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Friday, June 8, 2012

A Great Big Thank You

I'm back in business.  Well the business of taking pictures.  Thanks to dear Annette, she is loaning me her extra camera.

So miss shutterbug went out last evening after supper and captured all the new blooms.



evening primrose before dar

This is yet another flower bed that I started clean up.  While I was working in another area of the yard looked over and saw flowers, so I had to start to rescue them from the weeds.  It is finally cleared and ready for mulch

While cleaning this bed I uncovered a bunny nest. One little bunny popped out into the grass, so I stopped weeding put it back in the weeds in hopes momma would move them.  Well they didnt move far enough or fast enough, Belle found one baby and (sigh) killed it.  She did bring it to me, so I threw it away.  Cant scold her she is a hunting dog and  its her nature, we dont want to discourage her from that. But I felt bad save it one day and gone the next.

My mothers day present from Stacy

Wayne is putting in a walkway between the good flowers and the  good flowers and weeds on the other side of the walkway

?????? - found this flowering bush while mowing late yesterday afternoon

????? pretty though

all of the above before the sun went down

Now here is what I took after dark

Evening primrose after dark and they are open   Loving this camera, my old one would never have gotten this shot.

Sorry nothing to show you for quilting, but after the party tomorrow (great grandson 5th birthday party here)
I have plans on loading and quilting some of my own quilts.

Sold  3 of my quilts yesterday.   I have been storing so many and making more each year for the quilt shows and my booth, its like I'm on overload of quilts, so I offered to sell some and 3 went yesterday.

Here is what I sold for pennies on the dollar so to speak.

Its hard to let them go, but I need the room, and the cha ching doesnt hurt either. At least Im getting my money back out of them.  Didnt sell them for what they are really worth, but then nobody can sell quilts for their true value.  When you think of the costs to make, time involved, the quilting part they would have to be sold for $400-500 each.

At least I do know the person(s) who purchased them are going to enjoy them as much as I did.

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