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Friday, June 15, 2012

A Good Use Of Scraps

Liz, one of my quilting friends asked if we could make some place mats and donate to  the Edgerton Meals on Wheels program.  

Here is what I have made so far.

Scraps and practice pattern blocks.  I will be making more. They take  little to no time and for a good cause.

The idea is - with a meal delivered each person would get one place mat for their very own.  In addition, hoping to make holiday mats so when the holiday comes they will have another place mat for that holiday.  Long term care also would like more for their dining room to help brighten that up too.  So there could be a never ending need for these.  

I don't mind doing some mindless sewing sometimes, and you know I have so many scraps the supply could be endless.

Yesterday I spent the day with Diane and she showed me her treasures she brought back from CA.  Her aunt is 96 and has been quilting for a very long time.  Diane found many UFO's and brought some back to finish.  After ooohhing and aaaahhhing we measured some pieces and headed to Joann's to get border fabrics and batting to finish a few of them.

She even gave me a UFO - blocks and blocks completed and extra material for more blocks. Will show you these at another time.

Yesterday morning and this morning I started working on my Buggy Barn Challenge quilt.  

Yikes the first block took me over an hour to do, but now that I am familiar with the pattern it only takes about 30 min for each block.

I am already thinking of how I'm going to be quilting this one.  4 of 12 blocks completed and then on to the rest of the pieces that go into this quilt.

With the weather turning hot and sticky I will be spending more time in my sewing room and less time in the yard.  Now this doesn't mean I'm done with the yard, oh so much more to do and then there is the maintaining the beds that are completed.  If I get up early tomorrow and get my outside work done, maybe I can work on my quilting once the temps hit unbearable. 

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