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Friday, June 29, 2012

Bag and Blooms

Yesterday was the girls monthly sew day. As usual we had a very good time.  No pics though.  Sorry.  I should have brought the camera but didnt.  I worked on Buggy Barn challenge quilt.  Realized it was the wrong project to bring.  You really have to pay attention to what you are doing or you can really mess up.  Well with the talking and laughing I wasnt very productive, but I did enjoy myself tremendously.

This morning I made a bag for my friend Nettie.  She is giving this as a present to friend/coworker who is going in for hip surgery soon.

Its not quite finished.  I made yo yo's for it but they are not sewn on yet. She didnt know if she wanted yo  yo or wood buttons. I prefer the yo yo's - they do need a cute little button in the center, but that is up to her to finish one way or the other.

As usual if Im not sewing Im in the yard.  The good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fish pond mound is all cleared of weeds and today Kylee and I put down 4 loads of mulch on the mound and another load in another bed along the house.

Here is the mound before the mulch but after weeding.  Oh so pretty blooms!  Its really prettier now that some of the mulch is down.  Hoping tomorrow will be the final day of mulching (for this area anyway)

Of course this is not the mound this is the pond, but wanted to show you the lilies

In addition the Bee Balm is really blooming more and more each day

I promise one of these days I will have so much more quilting to show you.  

Like I said I have never understood why women had told me in the past they didnt do as much quilting in the summer because of  gardening. I NOW TOTALLY GET IT !

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