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Sunday, June 3, 2012

What Will I Do

Can you believe it?   My camera finally quit working.  Its been giving me trouble for a time now and finally it stopped taking pictures completely. I honestly did not know you could wear out a camera, but I guess that is what happened.

What will I do. I take pictures (like you didn't know that) almost daily.  How will I record my gardening progress. How will I record my quilting progress.  Not being able to take pictures of beautiful quilts will be the worst part.

So why not go and buy a new one you say?   Because I cant afford one right now.  Have you seen the price of digital cameras lately?  Even the Big Box stores are costly.  Someone said check EBay, I Did. Might as well go to Janesville and buy one, prices aren't any better on line than the stores.  Darn it, I even asked nicely to have someone buy me one for mothers day.  I did get a beautiful Mosaic flower pot from my daughter, but no camera.

Cant use a 3MM camera as its necessary for me to have instant pictures for my pattern designing and quilting.

This is going to be as bad as when my computer went down. Talk about withdrawal, I have already missed pictures of Ky and her new quilt she is working on.  Not to mention her band concert the other day. That's when the camera stopped working.

There are new blooms in the yard and I want to record them so next year I will know what grows where and I don't pull it as a weed.  Which I have been known to do.

Not to mention these blogs and posts might get pretty boring without a visual to include.

So this is the last picture that was taken with the old broken down camera.


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