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Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday Sew In May

Yesterday was our CT monthly Sunday Sew In.  Just in case you don't remember what that is.  Once a month my fun on line quilters group has a sew day.  We each go to our sewing room/studios and sew on a project or projects and post results and pictures throughout the day.  Now you wouldn't think sewing all day and reporting to people you have never met wouldn't be fun, but I'm telling you it is.

Here is what I did on my sew day:

1) finished a second practice block for Many Trips Around The World

2) finished the baby quilt I was working on last week with the girls sew day
3) We did a jelly roll race, I was not a contestant because I was giving a prize to the person who finished in the shortest amount of time. AND if I was racing, the roll I bought was only 20 strips not 40 as required in the race.

Small but cute. I will finish off with some borders and decide what to do with it later.

4) Finished 2 more half blocks of Trips for Liz

Ky came over in the afternoon and we finally got to sew together

She has started another quilt

Her goal is to make 2 quilts and another wall hanging for the Edgerton Quilt show this year.

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