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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Working On Instructions

Ok after several web searches I have come to the conclusion the name of the quilt I'm working on is Many Trips Around The World, and yet cant find written instructions for this other than the typical Tube scrappy method.  This is not done by making a tube, but rather in strips and dropping a square for each strip added, and removing the extra square/squares after dropping down a square.  The removed pieces are then used to make a second, reverse color block. So you get a 2fer from each strip piecing and cutting.

The minimal instructions that Liz gave me with the pieces is of some help, but for the most part I have to figure most of it on my own.

This morning I decided to make a whole block instead of just the half blocks needed to complete the rows.  Using some of my scraps, here is what I made.

So I did it, and while making this I took notes, so I'm almost ready to type up instructions for future use and to pass along to many of my CT friends who have asked for the pattern.

Tomorrow is our SEW IN SUNDAY on CT.  First on the menu is clean my sewing room.  Wayne peek in this morning while I was working on the block and asked me "what happened to your room its a mess".  As usual when I am looking for fabrics to play with I wind up tearing everything apart, that which was once neat and tidy is now a total disaster.   Searching through the 2 boxes Liz gave me I managed to make everything Topsy turvey.  Pieces of fabrics scattered everywhere,not to mention the pieces I am working on for Liz.

After the clean up (which I might get done tonight)  I will be doing a jelly roll race quilt top along with some of the other girls on CT.  I'm not actually racing, but some of them are and I have offered a prize to the person with the fastest time.  I will send or email one of my patterns to the winner.

The jelly roll will only take about 45min to an hour, probably for me longer as I have not sewn my strips together yet.

From there I will move on to finish the borders on a baby quilt I started Thursday at our girls sew day at the Gathering Place.

Then I will continue working on Liz's pieces. Each half block takes almost an hour to make.  However, I am getting faster at making them now that I know what I'm doing.

Maybe, just maybe, Ky can come over tomorrow and we can get some sewing done.

Thanks to my beautiful granddaughters Brittany and Kylee, we managed to get more flower beds completed today, even in this heat. Its now over 90 and I'm feeling it.  We worked for quite a while outside until I couldn't take it anymore. But every little bit helps. I was so happy to have their help cut my work time in half today.  Britt said she will try to come more often when she has some days off and will help with more.  That would be so terrific. The work goes faster when you have someone working with you, not just because they are helping, but the chatting while working makes it seem less like work.

They say plants do grow better when you talk to them, mine should be super happy plants as I talk to them all the time while cleaning up around them.  Telling them Im doing my best to save them from the nasty weeds and once freed tell them there now you grow and flourish. Im probably loosing it just a little.

Maybe by the end of the summer I might actually have this yard done. LOL seriously we are making headway and its starting to show.

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Kay Lynne said...

You reminded me that I have to clean my sewing room! I do like your Trip Around the World :) It looks great.