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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Always Exciting at My House

She is going to kill me (not really) but Diane came over today to get lily pads out of a hole in the back yard.

I didn't get a picture of her yesterday when she was balancing on the rocks putting a bucket of rocks in the pond and then lilies for an additional Lily pad in the pond.

Couldn't resist today.  She couldn't stop me because she was in the hole.

I hope these all come through. It was so funny especially when she screamed when a frog jumped across her hand while in the muck.

We are never bored our our house always something going on.

I couldnt join in on the fun today because I was quilting for a customer.

In addition to her pulling out lily pads, Roger and she emptied the good pond to clean it out of all the green muck that was clinging to the bottom and sides.

Put the fish in a washtub for a temporary home until pond was cleaned.  They are back in there now all happy I hope.  Found the 2 koi we knew we had and there was a shiner and a small channel cat that somebody had put in the pond.  Probably the tenant before us.

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Anonymous said...

We all love the "Team Work" that was going on today!!!!