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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just A Few Updates

Been gone almost the entire day today and when I got home too pooped to accomplish anything.

I did quilt Annette's Snowman quilt yesterday. Sewwwww cute,  (pun intended)

She did a great job on this and she is going to embellish with buttons and stars I believe.  Look forward to seeing finished piece.

I also managed to finish yet another flower bed yesterday.  I was going to take a picture because it looks so good, but have to wait.  I have a pile of weeds in front of it and that would just take away from how it really looks.  Each time one is completed I get a sense that there will be an end to this someday.  Its so satisfying seeing how pretty everything is looking.   Don't get the impression I'm almost done, because I'm not.  There is so much more to do, but at least now I can see some results and headway.

I will show you some before/after and yet to be done:

Roses in front of the house. I have half weeded here and more to do and then the mulching.

Wait until you see the after pictures. Ohhh  so much nicer than these pics.

Tomorrow much to do in the yard, and then I must get some more sewing done or visa versa.    More than likely I will be getting up early and doing some sewing first then play outside.

Almost finished with the Many Trips half blocks.  This morning I laid the blocks out on my floor and discovered more blocks are needed to complete the quilt.  Liz asked me to make  the extra blocks needed and the extra half blocks.  My goal is to get these done tomorrow or Friday by the latest.

At least that is the plan, we will see how much gets done.

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