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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Quilting vs Gardening

Well not really.  I am trying to keep a balance for both.

Just so you can keep up with what is happening, more pics of the progress and not so much progress:

Actually making a headway on the flower beds.  Yesterday I planted all of the containers with annuals.  Even with all the flowers in this yard, still need those annuals for that spark of color here and there.  Finished laying mulch in some areas in the front of the house, and also mulched a few sections in back of house.

Roses are starting to bloom, and if all the buds open all at once its going to be an explosion of color

Didn't know the name of this little yellow bloom, but friend on CT found it.  Alum Molly, or Golden Garlic Jeanine

Iris are blooming on the pond mound

Peonies almost ready to open, some are open in other sections of the yard

this is a portion of the pond mound still not touched by human hand, soon dear plants soon

A portion that has been cleared on the pond mound

More waiting for the magic touch or I should say any ones magic touch

yep more

One flower bed that is still waiting for me to save it
I will get you pictures of all the pretty work that has been completed.

Now back to quilting:  Liz brought me blocks to a quilt that needs to be assembled.  She however could not figure out how to do the end pieces which are 1/2 blocks for a on point quilt.  Stayed up last night just to get it straight in my head.  Finally dawned on me ( no not at dawn) and this morning I managed to put 2 1/2 blocks together and lay the quilt out in rows for on point assembly.

This is going to be one gorgeous quilt.

The instructions or lack of made it quite the challenge.  I'm loving the way it looks and I'm going to attempt making my own some day.

Today was Sew Day with the girls. Sorry no pictures this time.  (that's OK, hold the applause)  Just a few of us today, but I want to welcome Annette to our little sew group.  She is working on her quilt and making such headway.  She only needs to put on final borders and all done and ready for quilting.

Now the big news!!!!!!!   Drum Roll Please ...................................
I am definitely headed for Houston TX for the International Quilt Festival Nov1 - 5th.  Already have a room thanks to my friend Julie, and our plane tickets have been booked.   I cant tell you how excited I am about this trip. For so many reasons: First time ever flying - Meeting several of my online friends from Connected Threadz. If I counted right I think there will be 12 of us meeting for the first time.  Of course seeing the festival, and touring Houston.

Need to get the cash I will need for all of this fun, but it will happen.

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