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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wow Harley Davidson TShirt Quilt

This is so bright and bold, I love it.  Great choice of colors used in sashing and borders.  Quilted for Kelli, from Ft Wayne IN.

She is donating this to raise money for a Harley Club in Ft Wayne.

I have a feeling once she shows this to the club, they are going to raise a ton of money.

I used a bright orange thread to quilt this.  It was the perfect choice of thread color and a large meandering.

There is nothing boring about this quilt.  She says she has enough HD shirts to make another and do the backing also using tshirts.  That should look awesome, top and backing tshirts. WOW.

Yesterday I cut all the pieces for the pastel Lightning Strike quilt.  Put a few blocks together, its looking so pretty and spring like.

Wedding preparations are coming along.  Ordered the portapotty, put a deposit down on a 20x30 tent top, just in case of rain.  Please please please don't let it rain that day, praying for the perfect June 11th.  Hoping to get approval from day care center down the street to use their parking lot for guests. 

All family and friends contributing to food have their assignments.  Everything I had to take care of has been done.  Now its sit back and wait until the week of wedding.  Then its clean house, prepare my contribution to the food and Wayne will take care of the yard.  He is already planning on planting more flowers and buying an arch trellis for the flower garden in back.   Looking forward to when the weather warms and grass greens up so I can plan how to decorate the yard.

Business is picking up, have a few more quilts to finish for customers.  Work on pastel Lightning Strike, finish the horse quilt for display at Midwest Horse Fair April 15th  - 17th held in Madison, and just made contact with a woman wanting to buy my pattern for Windmills.    

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