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Sunday, July 3, 2011

It Had To Be Done

Some days you just gotta bite the bullet and organize that stash.

Yesterday morning was one of those days.  We love digging through our stashes and pulling out just the right fabric.  After Kylee rummage through the stash cupboard, and after I had done the same many times before, I realized it was TIME. 

I was looking for a piece of fabric I just knew I had and couldn't find it.  So, started pulling fabs and sorting by size and colors.  2 Hours later I finally had a cupboard that is organized.  Lets see how long that lasts.

This is not the entire cupboard, there are more shelves and cubes holding my extra patterns, batting, machine spare parts and so much more.  These shelves are for fabrics and my quilting threads only.

  Now wait for it, wait for it, wait for it:

This is my stash drawer.  A dresser drawer full of bits and pieces, strips and squares.  This will take about a week to sort through. Yikes, where is the quilt fairy when I need her.

When I do my cutting and have extra pieces I just open the drawer below and shove it in, and it looks like it.  Has gotten so bad, that when I rummage through it, I am unable to contain it, pieces start falling out onto the floor and don't find what I'm looking for anyway. 

What does your stash storage look like?  How do you organize something this bad?  The last time I did, it was over a year ago and I threw out tiny pieces, which I probably shouldnt have.

Guessing today might be a day to start.  We'll see.

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