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Friday, June 11, 2010

Finished Falling Leaves

This is the completed Falling Leaves quilt.  Again colors are so much more vibrant than my camera can capture.  This quilt is 85x85 and fits my regular size bed like a bedspread.

I have to admit, each time I do a quilt it becomes my favorite, but this one really has become a favorite.  Not just for the meaning behind it but in addition it is gorgeous.

Today I had to take another trip to chiropractor in Stoughton.  While in Stoughton went to the local quilt shop, Saving Thyme.  I am trying to promote more business for my quilting business, so dropped off more business cards and brought in my photo album of quilts done and a sample of my work, the scrappy quilt with tear drop tree stitching.  She liked this new stitch very much. She had never seen it before and thought it was very nice and unusual.   I did explain to the owner, everything freehand, no computerized quilting.

Hopefully I will get some new business from Stoughton.  Things are pretty quiet right now for quilting.  Haven't had a customer since just before my knee operation.    If this keeps up, might have to consider getting a job - NOT - no more working outside the home for this gal.

I just have to keep plugging along and hope the word gets spread by others to call me for quilting.  I have a few regulars that continue to come back, but need new customers.


Chakatoria said...

Beautiful! Has me longing for to chilly days of October!

Quilting By Jeannie said...

Thank you I really enjoyed making this one.