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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Party Time

The party this last Friday was a success.  Big rain storm just before the party didnt stop anything, everything was all wet, but I dried off the patio furniture enough to use the table for serving food anyway.

Almost everyone in the family came to the party, and for a short notice impromptu we had a great time.

We managed to get food served before the second rain came.  That still didnt stop the party, most of us sat inside the garage with garage door open, and some sat under the overhang of our front porch.

Our family can be crazy, we sat around with a few beverages, talked and laughed the whole night. 

There were a couple of mishaps.  Our nephew Zane filled his plate of good food, proceed to go down the steps from the upper deck, slipped on first step and fell all the way down the steps.  Fortunately he was only bruised and sore, nothing broken.  He did however wear most of the food that was on his plate.  After he was cleaned up and everyone went back to serving themselves, his brother Bret did exactly the same thing.  Again, he was only bruised, and his concern was where did his brat go, thinks it may have landed on the roof.  That's it, closed off the stairs to public.  Told everyone, use the inside house stairs for rest of the day.  Apparently, those deck stairs get slippery when wet. Who knew.  This has never happened before, but will definitely be aware the next time it rains, stairs are off limit.  I am so glad no one was seriously hurt.

Because of  the prep time for the party, did not get much quilting done, but my plan today is to finish the sewing on one of the quilts I have been commissioned to sew and quilt.  Photos to follow of course.

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