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Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today I'm in a dilemma.  My friend Nettie had purchased material and pattern over 2 years ago to do a wall hanging.  I remember it looking like a view from a window overlooking a flower garden.  Yesterday she gave me the material, but cant find the pattern anywhere.  Now I have all of this beautiful floral materials and not sure what to do with them.

I have been on the web trying to find a pattern that would work for me, but so far haven't found anything that really tripped my trigger.

Guess I will have to try to design something new.  Anyone have any ideas, let me know.

I keep looking at the material and so far nothing has come to mind on what to do.  Really would like to do a wall hanging with this, but the more I look at it the more I'm thinking it might become a full quilt.  Problem is there is an abundance of some of the materials and others small tiny pieces.  Might have to put the smaller pieces in my stash and use with something else someday.  Just not sure what to do just yet. 

I will be thinking about this for a few days, before  I start cutting any of the materials.

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