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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Falling Leaves Quilt

Today I've had some time to start the quilting of another quilt "Falling Leaves".  Thought I would show you work in progress while on the quilt table. I am using a panto gram pattern "Maple Leaf".  Normally I try to match threads as close to colors in quilt as possible.  This quilt has so many different colors almost impossible to pick a thread, so I used a colorful variegated, which I think, works well.  You can really see the pattern in some parts of the quilt and yet completely blends with other parts of quilt. 

There is a nice story behind this quilt, and because of it, I will keep this quilt for myself.  After I was diagnosed with cancer, and had undergone surgery and treatment, I was given this quilt kit by a quilt shop owner.  She thought I could use a pick me up, and she knew quilting is what I love.  I was completely surprised and so appreciative of her thinking of me.  When I finally felt like sewing again, this was one of the first projects I took on.  It is another beauty and I will post the whole quilt once it is finished. 

This will always be a special quilt for me.

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