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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Didnt get it done

Today just got away from me.  Started out with intention of quilting the baby quilt, went to fabric store and purchased the backing needed.  While in town, called my friend Nettie and met her for lunch.

Returned home and started prepping the backing to load the quilt onto my machine, but our nephew stopped in for a visit.  So after a nice visit with him, ready to get back at it.  Oops, got a call from Sarah (son Toby girlfriend).  Sarah has been doing my hair for me since it has started to grow back, and needs a trim and a color.  She was going to come tomorrow, but instead she has to work so asked if she could come today.  So by the time she colored my hair, it was way too late to do anything but cook supper. 

It has been 6 months since I lost all my hair, and now that its growing back, its so nice of her to come to the house, rather than my going to the beauty shop.  My hair if finally starting to look like my old self.  Still has a way to go, but getting there.

Because I haven't finished any thing new, thought you might like to see a few quilts that I have done in the past.  These 3 quilts were entered in the Edgerton Quilt Show last October.  No prizes were taken. Peoples choice, and as we all know, when its a peoples choice, its more like a popularity contest.  The more people you know personally who vote the better your chances.  Oh well when they were entered, didn't really plan on a prize, just liked the fact that people wanted to show their quilts and give me credit for being the quilter.  Whether they won or not, they were beautiful quilts and I was very proud of them.

I plan on having a booth again this year at the quilt show, as I did last year.  Enjoyed meeting new quilters and exchanging ideas.  This photo is the booth from last year quilt show. 

Tomorrow is going to be a quilt day for sure. 

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