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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

T-Shirt Quilt For Indiana

This is one large t-shirt quilt, but oh so nice.  Someone is going to love this Christmas Present.

64x105 - quilted with large meandering.

After doing my sewing and quilting since 4am - showered picked up Annette Vance and we headed for Janesville where I got my new glasses ordered and prescription sunglasses -which by the way - I use for driving only - OH wow you are all so lucky I didn't see you (or not see you) while driving.

Could not believe the difference in having a pair of glasses that actually let me read the road signs.

Don't laugh, I had my other glasses for quite a few years and from the day I got them I never ever had a clear vision while driving.  I could see cars of course, but road signs or street signs - always a blur until I was right on top of them.  I had complained to my previous eyeglass shop and they adjusted them and sent me on my way still not seeing correctly.

Never going back to that shop again!!!!!  I always knew something was drastically wrong with my glasses but they wouldn't listen to me.

The regular glasses will be here in about 7 days and cant wait to see (no pun intended) how they will be.

Mind you Ive been doing OK with the glasses but again, I waited too long to get my eyes checked.

At the cost of glasses I have always put off visiting the eye doctor until I couldn't stand it anymore.  Its like when you know you should change the blade in your rotary cutter but keep telling yourself, I can cut well enough and then you change it . Wow you say "why did I wait so long"?

After spending $$$$$$ for glasses - went to lunch - then Annette stopped at Bath and Body and I dropped a few more coins.

I had an entire shopping list I was going to be certain to get, however, after glasses, BB and oh yeah bought some really nice earrings (didn't need but wanted) - I cut my list in like half and proceeded to pick up just what was necessary.

I will have to quilt a few more quilts for customers before I complete my shopping list.

At least I have enough food to keep me nourished for a few more weeks, then I'm eating cat food.

LOL  not really things aren't that bad, but if I don't keep my debit card in my wallet I'm going on an even more severe diet.

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