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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Playing With Fabric

Still trying to perfect my Chenille Scarf technique

Using yet a different fabric I made the chenille scarf as instructed and washed and dried again as instructed.

Nope not quite right yet.  I have the layering, sewing and cutting down pat but just need to try one more time getting the right length and look I'm wanting.

I am, however, collecting quite of few practice scarves that are presentable but not what I was looking for just yet.

Chenille on left and made a second scarf with leftover fabrics adding bling to dress it up a bit

My first attempt  like the look just not the length

2nd attempt - getting closer to what I wanted

Been working on my Knot Garden quilt have only 5 more blocks to go and then I can put it together and quilt it.  Sent rough draft of pattern to friends in hopes they can make the block and give me some helpful tips to improve on the pattern.

In the meantime I have running through my head yet another project Im going to be working on with my SIL Donna Kallner.  you can also find her on etsy 

She has given me a few scarves she has made in the past and now I am becoming a scarf person - my mission: finding just the right outfits to go with my scarves, not the right scarves to go with my outfits.

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Mad about Craft said...

Your 'practice' scarves will make useful pressies!