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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sweet Eye Candy

Yesterday I forgot to get my mail.

After church today I finally got the mail from the box and found a package that was a complete surprise from a classmate Barb Boutwell.

She sent me these wonderful Hawaiian fabrics - and that is what I call Eye Candy

These will go into my cupboard of other fabrics, Until, I decide how best to use them.  It takes days, weeks, months and sometimes a year to finally hit me as to how to use fabrics in just the right pattern.

I will look at them almost everyday - because I actually do go into that cupboard practically everyday to look, pick and chose for my projects.

I know one morning I will be jumping out of bed grabbing these and start cutting and sewing.

Thanks thanks thanks Barb - I love them and will make something so very special from them.

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