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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Having The Best Weekend

Finally, finally its dry and warm and we were able to get out in our yard and do some necessary cleanup - front of house is all but done.  Just a few weeds to be pulled, (not like last years) but a few.

Worked from 10am to 5pm and believe me my body let me know it last night.  Ugh the hip pain lasted, even with taking pain meds, until 7am this morning.

Today was quilting day - 2 customer quilts completed

Cute little baby quilt quilted with free motion water ripples.

This simple design turned out gorgeous once it was quilted brought it to a whole new life.

Cleaned the fish pond and pulled  a few weeds, but decided I was not going to push too hard today.  Besides, 2 quilts in one day and gardening I think that's enough for anyone person don't you?

Let's keep our fingers crossed the weather has now actually turned the corner and we can say its Spring!!!!!

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