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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One More Scrappy

Quilted with my free motion all over feathers.....

In addition to quilting this large quilt, managed to machine sew the binding on the green/purple wall hanging.  I will hand turn and sew down the binding tonight - feet up and watching TV.

Don't know if I told you but we lost 4 of the fish in our KOI  pond and 2 frogs.  Took off the protective wire fencing and scooped out the dead fish and frogs. Aw!!!!  I'm gonna miss them.  Hopefully we can get everything up and running again and will purchase more KOI, cant imagine the summer without them.  With any luck some new frogs will move in.  I enjoy listening to them.

Wayne has been outside most of the afternoon, picking up dog doo doo and tree limbs.  There is no way he can finish it all today.  But its so nice to be able to get outside again even if it means cleaning up.

Walking around the house I saw some signs of spring, a few sprigs are popping through.  With a few more warm days we might be able to see some flowers.  There are a couple of early buds blooming but not many.

It shouldn't be long now and I will be working on the flower beds, early mornings of course - Gus will be able to come out and watch me play in the dirt once we get some really warm days.  I will plop him in his jumpy seat while I tend to the weeds and flowers.

I'm looking forward to spending time outside with Gus.  Should make for a fun summer.

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