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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Just Swirls and Bling

Quilted one of the amazing hand dyed fabrics from Donna -

Let me tell you the picture DOES NOT do it justice.

You cant see the crystals scattered here and there, quilted with free motion swirls.  After attempting to do a Panto of swirls - I decided I'm much better making my own swirls rather than following and tracing a pre printed panto pattern.

Sew...., 5 min of quilting means 3 hours of ripping out the panto swirls and only 45min quilting my own swirls.

This, now wall hanging, is absolutely beautiful - once I get the binding on it, I will use it for display at home and eventually quilt show.   

A person just has to see these fabrics in person to really appreciate the vibrant colors.  Fingers crossed there will a oodles of interest and I can sell a ton of these for Donna.

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