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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Delectable Mountains

A while back I was given blocks already assembled along with a pattern(s) to put the blocks together into a quilt.  

There were plenty of completed blocks but not enough to make the pattern enclosed, so I, instead, put it together in Barn Raising pattern.

Quilted this morning using a panto called Fern Gully.

This is going to my neighbor across the road, its his aunt that made the blocks, plus he comes and helps plow once in a while when we have really heavy snow and never asks for anything in return.  

He doesn't get it though until sometime next week - binding first and then I'm taking to guild meeting for show and tell on Tuesday, in addition I have a pillow made from left over blocks that needs to be assembled.

Today heading up to Stoughton to the Skaalen Auxilary quilt show.  It will be my first show of the year.  

Next week we are planning on heading to the Monroe quilt show.  Tis the season you know.

Rock Valley Quilters Guild show is May 18-19 - still not sure what Im going to enter.  Either one that is already made or make one quickly to enter.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  

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