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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Birthday Block Swap Connected Threadz

Sad face :(  only one birthday girl in March.

Happy face:)  here are the blocks I made her

She has received her blocks so its safe to share them with you.

Laurie actually lives in Janesville WI - so these blocks didn't have far to travel.

Been pretty busy going here there and everywhere past couple of days.

Monday night meeting with the Edgerton Quilt Committee

Tuesday a fabric shopping trip with some of my favorite sister quilters where we really stocked up on fabrics.

My purchases were a little boring compared to the fantastic fabrics purchased by the other girls.

My goal (success by the way)  backing for Kylee's quilt and solid black and white on white fabric -  I have been planning on stocking up on the black and white so they are here whenever I get in the mood to make something new - I have oodles of colored fabrics but little to none of the background black/white that I sometimes like using.

Now if I feel like creating something new I don't have to stop and go shopping.

Lets all say Yay!  or Aw because I don't need to shop.

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