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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Timing Isnt Everyting But It Helps

After completing the last quilt once, Lizzie was retimed - I loaded another quilt for same customer.

Happily quilting along and Poof - Lizzie decided she didn't want to quilt anymore.  Are You Kidding ME!

Called repair, did some testing of what could the problem be - determined I needed a new Y cable that attaches to my 2 encoders.  Lucky for me Wayne was able to go and pick me up a new one from repair.

I reattached the cable and poof - still not working.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME Again!

Called repair, love my repair man he is my favorite man in the whole world, next to Wayne of course.
He took His TIME to come to my house to fix my problem.  I had attached the Y cable incorrectly - easy fix and up and running.  All in good TIME managed to do a few rows of the quilt before my little Gus came.

Started the quilt on Friday in hopes of having it completed by Friday night - Nope not happening  this is customized and it takes much more TIME than just an edge to edge. - so Maybe Saturday - and yes did manage to get it finished Saturday evening but still having to quilt the 4 pillows that came with it, I knew there was not enough TIME to get them done too.

In between Kylee and Gus came for the weekend.  Kylee sewed, helped me with Gus and cleaning and cooking - I did get the quilt done.  Between Wayne, Kylee and myself Gus had a pretty darn nice weekend with much love, playing, feeding and napping. He was one happy little guy all weekend.

Sunday there was enough TIME TO load and started the pillows - while in the afternoon some of the girls came by and helped me rip out stitching on the quilt I told you about.  We have appx 12 or more hours of ripping and then square it up and requilt.

Yesterday was cleaning day - so no TIME there to do any quilting.  Early to bed 8pm - Uh did I say I was exhausted!!

Ta Da - finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All in good TIME

Well not really in good TIME  - but I'm happy it is finally finished and I can call customer and load another quilt.

Oh and by the way Kylee did manage to finish her quilt. Now that is hanging and ready for Gma to quilt.

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Kay Lynne said...

Love your quilt pictures :) I'm so glad that your machine was an easy fix!