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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Things Are Looking UP

Took Lizzie to the LA Dr this morning, 30 min later and she is all better.   Just needed to be timed.

Rushed home put her back on the frame and in between taking care of Gus managed to finish customer quilt.

Its so scrappy and so beautiful - hundreds of tiny strips in this one.

Gus has been running a temp all day because of shots and teething, so I cancelled my night out to Guild.   He is more important than a meeting.  I didn't think Gpa and Ky could really deal with how fussy he was.

Rocked him for over and hour just to let him get some rest put a cool washcloth on his head.  Finally gave him to Wayne to hold and let him sleep on Gpa's big belly

He took an hour and 45min nap before supper and awoke to be the happy smiling little guy we know so well.

Now he is playing in his jumpy chair with his sister KY

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