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Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Neighbors Surprise

Sometime ago Diane brought me a plastic bag with completed blocks and pieces from her Aunt Evelyn , who lives in California.

Diane tells me her aunt had many UFO's in her attic and after a detailed search she brought some home with her.

She gave me this bag and told me to keep it and make something from it.  There was a pattern included, but I didn't  want to make the pattern, so instead I took the blocks that were finished and arranged them in a "Raise The Roof" pattern.

In 2 days I had this top completed - ready for the quilting.

Once I have it quilted I will give it to our neighbor across the street (Diane's brother).  I think he might enjoy getting a quilt from his aunt in CA.

Plus he and Candy are such good neighbors, he even helps plow out the driveway sometimes when we have really heavy snow.  We really appreciate all the help.

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