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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Full Moon or Mercury Rising??

I don't know what is going on but I'm having no luck at all with quilting this week.

First - I'm doing the quilting on a quilt and find it is no where near square - it was so out of square that it became impossible for me to continue.  At first I thought I could " quilt that out" method and make it look good.  Nope no way - the only solution - take out all the stitching - yes all of the stitching on 3/4 of quilt the size of 96x120.    I have some very helpful quilters that have come over and are helping with the unstitching.

So far there are about 18 hours of unstitching being done.  Another possible 18 to go.  Then the quilt has to have the borders removed - squared up and reattach borders.

I have never had to do this with any quilt I have done, either for myself or customer.  Never should I have attempted to make this one right.  Should have stopped - even before I started and called to have quilt picked up and squared up.  LESSON LEARNED  - Don't assume the quilt is square when you load it on the frame.  - Measure it on all sides and down the middle to be certain it is square or at least close to square so as not to have this wonky problem.

Second,  a customer brought me a quilt to do and it was going ever so smoothly, perfectly square lying flat as a crushed bug on the frame - having approximately 1/2 hour of more quilting to do and .......................
my machine kicked out a rats nest like you wouldn't believe.  So not a big deal, clean out the rats nest, clean out the bobbin area - re thread and proceed Right?

Wrong - now the needle wont pull up the bobbin thread.  Which means the machine is out of time.  Again, no problem.  I know how to re time.  At least I have in the past.  Spent 2 hours trying to re time it and it just cant be done, at least not by me.  Which means I have to contact my repair man - take the machine to Janesville and have it timed.  Leaving me with an unfinished quilt on my frame.  Fingers crossed, he can either, fix immediately or give me a loaner until mine is fixed.

Inside my machine front view  - this is where the timing needs to be done

Just a little bit to go and it would have been done

Tomorrow is cleaning day, so I cant even get Lizzie to repair man.  Tuesday, if all goes well I can deliver her and possibly finish this Tuesday night or early Wed morning.

Like I said keep fingers crossed!!!!

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Kay Lynne said...

Hope you can get your machine re-timed soon so you can start sewing again. Ripping out stitches are no fun--that was a lot of ripping out. I'm glad that you had friends to help.